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By Mickaël D. Chekroun, Honghu Liu, Shouhong Wang

This first quantity is worried with the analytic derivation of particular formulation for the leading-order Taylor approximations of (local) stochastic invariant manifolds linked to a large classification of nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations. those approximations take the shape of Lyapunov-Perron integrals, that are extra characterised in quantity II as pullback limits linked to a few partly coupled backward-forward structures. This pullback characterization presents an invaluable interpretation of the corresponding approximating manifolds and results in an easy framework that unifies another approximation techniques within the literature. A self-contained survey can be incorporated at the lifestyles and charm of one-parameter households of stochastic invariant manifolds, from the perspective of the idea of random dynamical systems.

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Ii) t → Wt (ω) has sublinear growth: lim t→±∞ Wt (ω) = 0, t ∀ ω ∈ Ω ∗. 29) 0 eτ Wτ +t (ω) dτ + σ Wt (ω), t ∈ R, ω ∈ Ω ∗ . = −σ −∞ (iv) The following growth control relations are satisfied: t z σ (θt ω) 1 = 0, and lim lim t→±∞ t→±∞ t t z σ (θτ ω) dτ = 0, ∀ ω ∈ Ω ∗ . 9 For the sake of clarity, we explain here how to exhibit a subset Ω ⊂ Ω of full measure which is θt -invariant and for which t → z σ (θt ω) is (locally) γ -Hölder for any γ ∈ (0, 1/2) and any ω ∈ Ω . Note that by simply integrating Eq.

Dist(D, E) := sup inf |a − b| H , ∀ D, E ⊂ H. 9]. 1 Let S be a continuous RDS acting on some separable Hilbert space H over some MDS (Ω, F , P, {θt }t∈R ). A random closed set B is said to be forward invariant for this RDS if: S(t, ω)B(ω) ⊂ B(θt ω), ∀ t > 0, ω ∈ Ω. 6) is replaced by a set equality, the random set B is said to be forward strictly invariant. Let us now introduce the following definition of a random (resp. 2 Let S be a continuous RDS acting on some separable Hilbert space H . A random closed set M is called a global random invariant Lipschitz (resp.

More precisely, for a given solution u λ to Eq. 1) we look for a solution u λ living on the random invariant manifold Mλ such that u λ (t, ω) − u λ (t, ω) α decays exponentially as t → ∞ for almost all ω. The strategy adopted here consists of reformulating this problem as a fixed point problem under the constraint that the sought solution u λ emanates from an initial datum u 0 which belongs to Mλ and is well-prepared with respect to the given initial datum u 0 . 2]. 16) to the existence theory which involves the spectral gap and the Lipschitz constant associated with Mλ .

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