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Keep clothing dry to maintain its insulation qualities (dry damp clothing in the sun or by a fire). g. If you fall into the water in the winter— (1) Build fire. (2) Remove wet clothing and rewarm by fire. (3) Finish drying clothing by fire. VI-1 h. If no fire is available— (1) Remove clothing and get into sleeping bag (if available). (2) Allow wet clothes to freeze. (3) Break ice out of clothing. i. Keep clothing clean (dirt reduces its insulation qualities). Examine clothing frequently for damage.

8) Snow. (9) Sand and rocks. e. Bed construction. Construct a bed to protect from cold, damp, ground using— (1) Raft or foam rubber from vehicle seats. (2) Boughs, leaves, or dry moss. 5. Fires CAUTION: Weigh hazards and risks of detection against the need for a fire. a. Evasion considerations: (1) Use trees or other sources to dissipate smoke. (2) Use fires at dusk, dawn, or during inclement weather. (3) Use fires at times when the local populace is cooking. b. Fire building. The 3 essential elements for starting a fire are heat, fuel, and oxygen.

D) Apply a steroid cream (if available). (e) DO NOT rub area with sand. (f) Treat for shock; artificial respiration may be required (page V-1, paragraph 1a). (g) DO NOT use urine to flush or treat wounds. (2) Punctures. (a) Immerse affected part in hot water or apply hot compresses for 30-60 minutes (as hot as victim can tolerate). (b) Cover with clean dressing. (c) Treat for shock as needed. h. Skin irritants (includes poison oak and poison ivy). (1) Wash with large amounts of water. Use soap (if available).

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