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The e-book discusses non-stop and discrete platforms in systematic and sequential methods for all elements of nonlinear dynamics. the original function of the publication is its mathematical theories on movement bifurcations, oscillatory suggestions, symmetry research of nonlinear platforms and chaos thought. The logically based content material and sequential orientation supply readers with a world review of the subject. a scientific mathematical technique has been followed, and a few examples labored out intimately and workouts were incorporated. Chapters 1–8 are dedicated to non-stop platforms, starting with one-dimensional flows. Symmetry is an inherent personality of nonlinear platforms, and the Lie invariance precept and its set of rules for locating symmetries of a approach are mentioned in Chap. eight. Chapters 9–13 specialise in discrete platforms, chaos and fractals. Conjugacy courting between maps and its homes are defined with proofs. Chaos conception and its reference to fractals, Hamiltonian flows and symmetries of nonlinear structures are one of the major focuses of this book.
Over the earlier few a long time, there was an unparalleled curiosity and advances in nonlinear structures, chaos idea and fractals, that is mirrored in undergraduate and postgraduate curricula world wide. The publication comes in handy for classes in dynamical platforms and chaos, nonlinear dynamics, etc., for complicated undergraduate and postgraduate scholars in arithmetic, physics and engineering.

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1 ). On the other hand, when the flow is away from the point, the point is called source or repellor (neighboring trajectories move away from the point as t ! 1 ). From the above figure the solid circles represent the sinks that are stable equilibrium points and the open circles are the sources, which are unstable equilibrium points. The names are given because the sinks and sources are common in fluid flow problems. From the geometric approach one can get local stability behavior of the equilibrium points of the system easily and is valid for all time.

C) Explain deterministic, semi-deterministic and nondeterministic dynamical processes with examples. (d) What do you mean by ‘qualitative study’ of a nonlinear system? Write it importance in nonlinear dynamics. (a) Give the mathematical definition of flow. Discuss the concept related to ‘a flow and its orbit’. Also indicate its implication on uniqueness theorem of differential equation. 1 (b) Show that the initial value problem x_ ¼ x3 ; xð0Þ ¼ 0 has an infinite number of solutions. How would you explain it in the context of flow?

0 as t ! 1: Hence the phase volume element VðtÞ shrinks exponentially. (ii) The given system is a Lotka-Volterra predator-prey population model. The rate of change in phase area A(t) is given as 30 1 Continuous Dynamical Systems dV ¼À dt ¼À Z ~ Á f dxdy r $ Z ða À c À by þ bxÞdxdy This shows that a phase area periodically shrinks and expands. 9 Some Definitions In this section we give some important preliminary definitions relating to flow of a system. The definitions given here are elaborately discussed in the later chapters for higher dimensional systems.

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