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By Sgt. Jack Coughlin, Donald A. Davis

Within the fourth novel within the ny occasions bestselling sequence, Marine sniper Kyle Swanson reveals himself within the attractions of a guy he as soon as idolized—a actual American hero grew to become traitor Swanson and his attractive female friend, CIA agent Lauren Carson, are on a challenge in Pakistan while their global is became inside of out. Kyle is captured and thrown in felony. Lauren is accused of being a double agent. the single individual they belief to assist is the fellow who despatched them at the black operation—Jim corridor, a mythical CIA agent, Kyle’s sniper mentor, and Lauren’s boss and previous lover. yet corridor has long past rogue. he's promoting America’s innermost secrets and techniques to a ruthless Pakistani warlord who desires to mildew al- Qaeda right into a valid political occasion, and safe a nuclear arsenal. For Jim corridor, his former prot?g? Swanson is the ultimate situation. good fortune or failure pivots on no matter if Swanson can cease the previous pal who expert him to be a shooter. From the streets of Washington to the Bavarian Alps, the 2 snipers stalk one another in a dangerous hunt that has just one attainable end result.

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