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The substance possessing the magical powers may be laid upon objects of dress, or placed in a purse or bag, or laid up for safety in the figure of a man or animal ; and it is believed that the " medicine " administered will be more efficacious if it also contains the personal strength of the medicine man himself. 18 AMULETS AND TALISMANS The objects with which the medicine man sur­ rounds himself or hangs upon his person are very numerous, and among them may be mentioned :­ Mussel-shells, talons o f birds and claws of animals, teeth, horns, feathers, locks or tufts of hair, strips of leather, cords, string, rags, bags, pieces of earth, balls of resin, leaves, fruits, plates, dishes, bottles, pots, chains, baskets, stumps of wood, rolls of cloth, bits of sacking, boxes, images made of wood, metal, bones, ivory, figures of apes, leopards, serpents, crocodiles, hippopotami, elephants, men, etc.

AMAT's plan was defeated and APsu was slain. AMAT spawned a brood of devilish UNIVERSAL USE OF AMULETS 5 monsters, and she and her male counterpart KINGU collected their hosts of evil beings, and made ready to fight the gods ; and the TABLET of DESTINIES was transferred to KINGU by TIAMAT to assist him in gaining the victory over them. The gods, feeling themselves unable to cope with TIAMAT, nominated MARDUK, their champion , and having bestowed upon him all their powers this god armed himself with a bow, spear, a club and a net, and set out to do battle with TIAMAT.

Parsee friends assert that the face and the palms of the hands supply a key to the true nature, character and disposition of every man. And every one who has seen the Parsee expert handling this key, and been able to check his statements subsequently, must admit that his character sketches are accurate, and that the fulfilment of his prophecies is so exact as to be uncanny. He can literally read faces and hands and the ability to do so enables him to avoid contact with bad and vicious men. The art of CRYSTAL-GAZING, or " Scrying," is practised by mar..

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