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Indeed its goal or value lies in its enduring qualities, among others. , But the opposition between money and love is not simply that money is material and love is not. Money is material, but love is spiritual. The spiritual quality of love is closely linked with the fact that in love it is personal considerations which are the crucial ones. Personal considerations are a question of who it is, not of how well they perform their task or how efficient they are. Love is a relationship between persons.

Most fundamental, of course is the fact that there is no formal clear, , , categorical limit to the range of kinsmen. Or to put it in another way, , the decision as to whether a particular person is or is not to be counted as a relative is not given in any simple categorical sense One cannot say . that all second cousins are relatives but all third cousins are not. An , " " One of the first things that anyone who works with American genealogies notices is that the system is quite clear as long as one takes Ego as the point of reference and does not venture far from there (As one goes out from Ego-in any direction-things get more and more fuzzy.

The relative as a person is quite different from the distinctive features which define the person as a relative. A person as a cultural unit is a composite a compound of a variety of , different elements from different symbolic subsystems or domains. The person has either male or female sex as defined by the sex-role system . 60 A Relative Is a Person A Relative U a Per.. The person has age attributes as defined by the age-role system. The person has class characteristics as defined by the class system.

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