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By Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed

This booklet will let you know how-for you do be ready to heal. right away you'll no remember that you've got the it, yet you do.this reward of god is a part of the birthright of each guy and girls.

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The subject was Patricia M. Bates of West Palm Beach, Florida. As she explains in her letter, she had been suffering for about two months with severe respiratory allergies when, about a week before Christmas, she decided to ask Ben Bibb for help. She had taken prescriptions for her stuffy head and her itchy, sneezing, drippy nose, but over the two-month period, nothing gave her any relief. Some days she says she could not raise' her voice above a whisper, which was quite a handicap since she is a science teacher in the local middle school.

As soon as it is ascertained you can then put in motion suggestions for its correction and cure. This technique will be conveyed vividly to you in the report of a self-cure of pneumonia made by Seventh Sense graduate Frances Miller of Plainfield, Connecticut. Here is her report. RELIEVING AND CURING PNEUMONIA Early in Thanksgiving week I caught a bad cold. At first it seemed to be only an ordinary inconvenience and being busy, I paid little attention to it. But on Thanksgiving Eve while I was attempting to complete my pie making, I began to feel terribly ill.

You will notice in this report that certain energy colors are mentioned. These will be described in detail in Chapter 16 where instructions on when and how to employ them are given. In this report mention is also made of "raising the vibratory rate of the energy body" in 32 order to speed up the healing. After the inner mind of the subject has been instructed by pictures on the healing method that it is to employ, it may occasionally appear to you to be low in energy. In these situations you can help it by raising the vibratory rate of the energy body.

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