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By Kenneth Grant

During this learn of Aleister Crowley's procedure of sexual magic, Kenneth furnish finds the occult workings of the fireplace Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic energy that after woke up through magical skill assumes the shape that Crowley known as the Scarlet girl. provide additionally describes a style of dream regulate that Crowley and others used to identify touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to arrange themselves for the belief of precise cosmic cognizance.

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They covered immense periods of time, their cycles not being limited to a two-thousand year period, which is the equivalent of a single change of equinoctial colure. The pre--ëval aeons were dominated by the Elder Gods, of which The Great One of the Night of Time was supreme. 25 To the first Aeon, the void was ascribed; nothingness in the sense of the Great Abyss, sometimes called the Primal Sleep, the symbol of which is the bindu (seed, dot or point). To the second Aeon was attributed Chaos,26 of which the phallus is the emblem.

In the jagrat (wakeful state) reality is masked by objects, which are crystallized thoughts; in the dreaming state (swapna) reality is obscured by thoughts, which appear as real to the dreamer as do "objects" in the wakeful state. in the state of sushupti (deep and dreamless sleep) reality is masked by the absence of thoughts, and this state is mistaken by the unenlightened for unconsciousness or the void. e. thoughts. Pure Consciousness is the sole reality because it is the only factor common to all three states.

These power-zones would form a loosely-knit network of occult groups using the Ophidian Current to prepare human consciousness for intercourse with the denizens of other dimensions. Now, in the 1970s, these centres are branching out in all major countries of the Western hemisphere. The next step will be to extend their influence to the East. This will prove to be not so difficult a task as may at first appear. The East today is in the stranglehold of communism, but this is a Western import, and like fascism, its shado*w is only a temporary political device.

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