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By Stijn Hoorens; Jeff Rothenberg; Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau; Martin van der Mandele; Ruth Levitt; et al; All authors

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3) However, there is no blueprint approach to digital preservation, as the requirements and specifications depend on the remit and objectives of the parties involved. 2 Authenticity and integrity Implicit in the concept of preservation is the notion that what is preserved must remain authentic. As argued in Rothenberg and Bikson (1999), the term ‘authenticity’ encompasses two concepts: integrity and authentication. 9 The scholarly record must be authentic if it is to provide a sound basis for scholarly progress, historical accuracy and intellectual and legal accountability.

8 For a summary of the main underlying principles of KB’s international e-Depot strategy, see Appendix A. 11 Addressing the uncertain future of preserving the past RAND Europe environment. These terms are discussed below in more detail, and we elaborate on their characteristics and attributes. 1 Archiving, preservation and repositories In this report we use both the terms ‘digital archiving’ and ‘digital preservation’ when referring to KB’s initiative. The term ‘archive’ has a specific and well-defined meaning in the archival community: in particular, government archives are concerned with retaining formal records of the policies, actions and business processes of organisations and agencies.

15 The largest database of journal publications and their citations is owned by Thomson Scientific (formerly Thomson ISI), which calculate the journal impact factors. Journals listed in this database are referred to as ‘ISI indexed’. 21 Addressing the uncertain future of preserving the past RAND Europe 40% 35% 30% 25% 1998 20% 2006 15% 10% 5% 0% < =2 2-4 4-6 6-8 8-10 > 10 Cited half life Figure 8. 2 Stakeholders’ views on scholarly dissemination and publishing In order to understand the issues and developments in scholarly dissemination and publishing, it is useful to understand the different interests, needs and objectives of all the stakeholders involved in these areas.

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