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For the true non secular seeker:
This ebook offers an effective procedure for various diverse non secular reasons that is according to the data of the chakra process and its analogies with the 5 components on all 3 planes. you don't need remarkable talents to enhance your non secular development, to transparent and to heal your self. With at the least effort and time on your day-by-day perform you can also make nice development on your religious improvement. additional extra you'll event a deep balancing and vitalization in all elements of your character.

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For deeper studies I recommend to read books especially from Choa Kok Sui. The knowledge and the practical implementation of the chakra system is very complex. So I only will give here in this article some main points. What are chakras? They are energy swirls looking in a way like flowers with petals. These swirls are rotating. They draw energy in and they emanate it. They also transform energy. They have several different colors. In the middle of the swirl there is a protection net. It works like a filter.

By concentration on chakras you activate and clear them by yourself without a therapist. There are also parasites and negative ideas/feelings/patterns which set themselves in the chakras to nourish themselves from the energies of the host (person). Strong parasites can damage the protection nets and cause bad disharmonies. These parasites have a small kind of intelligence and they could be very aggressive. They force their victims to behavior which feeds them. For example a smoker has several parasites sitting in special chakras.

How does it work? When you concentrate yourself on one chakra you activate this center. It starts to increase its energetic metabolism, the exchange of energies. As each chakra is connected to other chakras through the so called nadis – energetic channels – also other chakras are activated and the nadis are cleared with fresh energies. The activation and increasing of the energetic metabolism clears indeed the whole microcosm with all chakras, nadis and organs. It clears your mind, your soul and it activates all clearing and healing processes on the physical plane.

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