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By Edwin P. Hoyt

The tale of the siege by means of the acclaimed writer of Hitler's WarIn 199 Days, acclaimed historian Edwin P. Hoyt depicts the epic conflict for Stalingrad in all its electrifying pleasure and savage horror. greater than the bloodiest skirmish in history-a momentous clash costing 3 million lives-the siege used to be a hinge upon which the process historical past rested. Had the purple military fallen, the Nazi juggernaut might have rolled over Russia. Had the German's no longer held out in the course of these previous couple of months, Stalin may have painted Europe pink. Now, over 50 years after the main remarkable conflict of the second one millenium, the reality approximately this decisive second is ultimately published.

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The current production of artillery, machine guns, and mortars was not enough to cover the recent losses on the Eastern Front. The army was scouring its resources for trucks, buses, and other vehicles, and the search was going on as far away as France. And once these vehicles were driven east, they would need repairs. 12 Hitler's order to the men of the Eastern Front to hold at all costs came at the time that Stalin was pressing his generals to carry out the second phase of the Soviet first winter offensive, to surround and wipe out Army Group Center.

We cannot wait until the end of the month," said Bock. " "The German soldier does not go kaputt," said Halder. Bock tried a new tack. " "Your army group will certainly get whatever small reserves we can scrape together," said Halder. And that ended the conversation. No promises, no real hope of help for the front. Bock gave orders to his generals to take the whole army group back sixty to ninety miles. This would bring them to the Rzhev-Gzhatsk-Orel-Kursk line. Then they would see what happened.

Stalin had asked too much. The Germans had stopped at the K-line and regrouped. The 129th and 133rd Russian armies were cut to pieces. The 39th Army and several other units were in trouble. In spite of this, Stalin's desire for victory was such that he ignored his troubles and the condition of his armies. Attack was the order of the day. " Zhukov was to smash the enemy, drive to Vyazma and beyond on March 5, and on his left other Russian forces were to "liquidate" the enemy in the Bryansk area.

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