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The Petrine Instauration: Religion, Esotericism and Science at the Court of Peter the Great, 1689-1725

The reign of Peter the nice (1672-1725) used to be marked by way of an unheard of wave of reform in Russia. This ebook offers an cutting edge reappraisal of the Petrine Age, during which hitherto ignored features of the tsar’s transformation of his nation are studied. extra particularly, the reforms enacted by way of the tsar are assessed in mild of the non secular proposal of instauration – a trust within the recovery of Adamic wisdom within the final age – and a historic and cultural research of the influence of Western esotericism on the Russian courtroom.

Seidways: Shaking, Swaying And Serpent Mysteries

From the writer of Helrunar: guide of rune magick, and visible Magick, a guide of freestyle shamanism, comes the definitive examine of magical trance and ownership recommendations. the writer is galvanized via the Nordic culture of Seidr, stated to were taught to the human race via Odin. The booklet offers an in depth survey of the manifestation of this strong strategy via numerous comparable magical traditions - shamanism, mesmerism, draconian cults or even the nightside of ecu paganism.

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